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We aim to be an affordable quality tuition provider in the Southwest. Our price plan is simple, with no hidden costs.

KS1: £24p/h

KS2-4: £25.50 p/h

A-level/Adult learning: £27 p/h

Small group tuition: This is charged at the same rate as one to one tuition with an additional fee of £3.50 for each extra student.

Travel expenses: If the tutor has to travel more than 4 miles ('as the crow flies'), you will be asked to pay an additional 40p per mile, up to £6. However, we will do our very best to place you with a local tutor.

Higher education support: Higher education support for both undergraduate and postgraduate students is £29 p/h
"The tutor is very patient and explains things clearly. Jemima is benefiting from having a regular, one-to-one opportunity to go over things she has found difficult and to learn at her own pace. She feels more confident in her own ability and is more inclined to tackle homework without our help."
Louise Jones, Horfield