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"Bristol Tutors' aim to offer quality tuition at affordable prices will open doors for students from all backgrounds. Many students are interested in getting some extra help, unfortunately this is not always within their means. Bristol Tutors' commitment to keeping the cost to a minimum is extremely commendable."
• Charis Hill, Head of Year, Teacher of English at St Bernadette's School, Bristol
"The tutor attempts to relate to my son on a personal level and therefore relates to him well. My son is quite shy, lacks confidence and is not a natural academic. The tutor's approach helps my son to relax and communicate with him. He is always organised and well prepared."
• Lorraine Houghton, Whitchurch
"The tutor has given my daughter a great deal of confidence, shown patience and understanding, and has always been most polite and considerate."
• Juliet Price, Redland
"The Tutor is outstanding. She has helped to consolidate Alysia's learning, making Spanish enjoyable, she is stretching but not overly so, she is inspiring , has really helped to develop Alysia's confidence and has boosted her morale. Alysia is delighted with the tutor."
• Sharon Davies, Knowle
"The Tutor struck up immediate rapport with my son and daughter and they enjoyed their sessions with her very much. We were all impressed with her level of preparation, attentive communications and thoroughness. She was very helpful in providing me with clear information about the course and its exam requirements. Above all she got the students focussed and has stimulated their interest in the subject"
• Diana Scrafton, Horfield
"Jackie got an A and a B in her Sociology modules she was re-taking. She got two U's before so pretty incredible!"
• Ruth, Bristol
"The tutoring sessions have really helped me to improve. The tutor has taught me different learning techniques which have really helped me to understand things better. I highly recommend Bristol Tutors."
• Stefan Bates. A-level student, Redland Green School
"I really enjoy my lessons as each week I learn something new. Both my parents and my school teachers have noticed a huge improvement in my work."
• Ali, St Mary Redcliffe
"The tutor is truly inspirational. She has given Sam and Zoe a real love of the subject, thanks to her friendly and creative approach."
• Rachel, Redland
"We didn't know how Bethany would take to tuition as she has really struggled at school, but the results have been amazing. She loves her lessons and the tutor has been adaptable and encouraging. It has made a huge difference to her overall confidence."
• Rachel, Bishopston
"The in-depth application and interview process is impressive and should ensure that the tutors offer quality teaching. Plus there's the extra reassurance of all applicants being CRB checked so that parents can feel reassured that their kids are being taught by professional tutors."
• Johnathan Mailey. Head of Year at City Academy, Bristol
"William enjoys the tuition, looks forward to sessions and has gained an enthusiasm for numeracy; his school teacher also recently commented on an increase in Williams confidence in class (with numeracy)."
• Jacky, Knowle
"Bristol Tutors is a good service; quick, efficient, easy. My son is enthusiastic about learning some reading and writing, and enjoying the one-to-one interaction."
• Charlie Mason, Cotham
"Matina was always well prepared, efficient and helpful. She helped James acquire the knowledge and confidence he needed for his Physics exam."
• Ms Parker, Seamills
"The tutor is very patient and explains things clearly. Jemima is benefiting from having a regular, one-to-one opportunity to go over things she has found difficult and to learn at her own pace. She feels more confident in her own ability and is more inclined to tackle homework without our help."
• Louise Jones, Horfield
"I would like to thank you for providing Laila with a brilliant tutor -he is simply perfect. Laila has learnt so much. She used to get so frustrated with Maths and now she enjoys it. Each session has helped her considerably. He is always on time, very polite, very approachable. Laila is usually very shy with adults but she feels very relaxed with him. Laila has gained so much confidence. She now understands how maths works! She used to hate it and believed she was just not clever enough to go on to study 6th form. Since the tuition she can not wait to enrol in a 6th form college and is already making plans on what degree she would like to study! So thank you for helping her believe in herself."
• Anna Henry, Stapleton
"The tutor supported my son during a very difficult and often traumatic final A level year at school. With patience and true support she moved him forward from a de motivated and struggling student, to one totally interested in his subject. He said he actually came to enjoy it and started to get the subject for the first time. She engaged him. This really is a remarkable story particularly if you knew my son during this period. He achieved a very good grade in the subject and now would like to continue the subject at University. I felt it was a true demonstration of what can be achieved in teaching."
• Linda Bannister, Chipping Sodbury
"Last year I found myself in a situation where I needed a tutor to help me through the final stages of my masters dissertation and contacted Bristol Tutors. From the moment the tutor arrived the grey clouds started to clear. She provided me with informed academic support, shared her knowledge and resources generously, and encouraged and helped me more than I could have hoped for."
• Annette Marshall, Henleaze
"The lessons are tailor-made to our son's requirements and the tutor provides very clear explanations. We are very satisfied."
• Chiara Borrelli Paker, Seamills
"The best aspect of tuition so far has been feedback on the capability of our son in relation to preparing for his GCSEs."
• Gavin Cawood, Keynsham
"The Tutor is always encouraging and has never been critical. He has asked Dylan at the beginning of every lesson if there is anything specific he wants /needs to do before turning to the work he has prepared (even if this means staying later than planned). He has taken into account my areas of concern (in relation to my son's ability) and has addressed them by preparing appropriate work. He has taken the time to ask outside the lessons how Dylan's exams have gone. Dylan feels really comfortable around him and I can sense an improvement in Dylan's confidence already. Despite Dylan having been at school all day before the lesson, he is enthusiastic during the lessons and works hard."
• Lori Mconnachie, St George
"The tutor is very friendly and Rachael likes his style of tutoring. He knows his stuff and we are very satisfied with him."
• Wendy Clifford, Ashton
"I have been really impressed with the tutor - my son has made extraordinary progress."
• Mr Bates
"Very well prepared lessons. Willing to help with all aspects of the subject. The tutor really is excellent!"
• Elizabeth Mumford, Pill
"You offer great value for money and we've been so impressed with the tutor"
• Jane Staples
"I was impressed by the prompt response to my initial enquiry, and then by the promptness with this the tutor contacted me. My son wants to go to the lessons, as he seems to really enjoy it. He has only had 4 sessions so far, but says it already benefits his understanding. Hopefully this will build as we approach his exams in a couple of months. I think it is making him more confident about the subject."
• Becky Harrison
"Bill presented as a competent, professional and experienced practitioner. He had a good knowledge of the subject, quickly developed a good working relationship with the student and clearly understood the professional boundaries required. This lead to the student attaining excellent results in their GCSE science exams. (the student attained AAB in GCSE triple science)"
• Simon Bardzil, Inclusion Team Leader at Somervale School
"The has explained difficult concepts in such a way that I understand them now and am able to use them successfully. She is patient and gives praise where appropriate."
• Laura James, Hotwells
"The tutor built up a rapport very quickly with our son making him feel at ease. She identified where and why Oliver was struggling with his reading and she found his level of learning. She used different teaching methods to maintain Olivers interest for the full hour, something we were very impressed with as we had been lucky to get 5 minutes out of him. She gave us practical advice on how to help Oliver improve between lessons. We noticed an improvement after every lesson. Since completing the tuition Oliver has gone up 4 reading levels and his school teachers have been very impressed with his improvement. He received a special achievement certificate from his teacher last term for his improvement. Oliver now comes to us and wants to read and improve his reading which gives us all great pleasure as it was previously a battle!"
• Sally Shenton, Westbury on Trym
"My son’s tutor Karen has used various techniques to help him grasp and remember key skills in geometry and grammar."
• Lisa Hines, Redfield
"The tutor is very approachable, clear explanations, genuine enthusiasm for his subject which is catching."
• Fiona Stringfellow, Redland
"Charlotte was able to tailor what she taught to provide Angus with exactly what he needed and re-engage him with the subject after he had completely lost interest!"
• Alison Simmonds, Henelaze
"Karen very quickly tuned in on what Nathan’s requirements were (he is at Boarding School) and adapted her teaching to his needs. Karen was able to pick up from where Nathan was in his Year 7 syllabus and tailor her teaching to his current challenges. He is not a natural mathematician, however, with Karen’s support in a few quick sessions his confidence has grown. Homework was tailored appropriately and Nathan is thoroughly enjoying the experience."
• Karl Jewitt, Emersons Green
"Chris has a very relaxed and friendly manner. He worked really well with Eli helping to build his confidence. We were very impressed with the progress Eli made in a short space of time. I believe Eli was able to pass his English Language exam and achieve a C grade thanks to Chris’s expert and professional tuition. I would highly recommend him to any parent. Thank you Chris and Bristol Tutors."
• David Otlet Teacher and parent of Year 12 student.
"Stephanie is absolutely brilliant. Bernardo is gaining confidence, enjoys every lesson and at school he is much more relaxed because of his better knowledge. His approach to Physics and Chemistry has completely changed since he started his tuition with Stephanie and this is the kind of support we were looking for."
• Fabiana Ascione, Redland
"As I am sure you are aware that I have completed my exams in the last week and overwhelmed with joy. Taking up English is something which I had to do and proud I followed it through. However, none of this would of been possible if it was not for Leandra. Leandra is a excellent tutor and kept pushing me until the end. Overall, my English and writing has improved so much I am even surprised by it. She came to every lesson well prepared, knew what we were going to cover and what must be achieved. Not only that, Leandra took her work home and worked extra for me to make sure I'm successful. I cannot explain how wonderful she is."
• Stefan Bates, Redland
"Sayad is a brilliant biology tutor. He was very patient, encouraging and always well prepared for our sessions. He had in depth subject knowledge and his explanations were very clear. He has been a great help in providing me with an understanding in areas I previously found difficult. I couldn't recommend him more highly!"
• Darlletta Oduntan, Knowle
"Adam is able to explain things very clearly and he really knows his subject."
• Joanne Gordon, Stoke Bishop
"Joe's been tutoring me for 4 sessions now in AS Chemistry. He's been lovely to work with, really patient & helpful with answering all my questions - he's very clear with explanations and doesn't mind going back over something if I don't get it the first time, and he definitely uses the hour to its full advantage! It's been an absolute pleasure to meet & be taught by him!"
• Irina Wozniczka, Congesbury
"I have always been impressed with Alex and the way he conducts himself. He is curtious and polite at all times. He sets Ellen homework and explains things very clearly to her. Ellens maths teacher has already contacted me to say how Ellens confidence has grown and how much of an improvement there is to her school work!"
• Carol Fry, Patchway
"[The best aspects of tuition have been] Enthusiasm of the tutor and engendering a “can-do” attitude which, even after one session, reversed my daughter’s previously increasingly negative attitude to the topic. The immediate improvement in results at school have greatly improve my daughter’s confidence and interest in the topic. An efficient and speedy allocation of a relevant and experienced tutor, thank you"
• Sally Jary, Tytherington
"Charlotte has been excellent at understanding Megans strengths/weaknesses and explaining Maths in a way my daughter understands. My daughters confidence is improving after each visit, which is great to see."
• Michelle Bartlett, Brislington
"Sarah has been very enthusiastic, she has really engaged with Peter – questioning him to help him learn. She has been more than happy to engage with his school through email to find out which areas they feel he needs to practise. She has helped him get organised with his revision notes, and has given us feedback on how he is progressing. We have been very happy so far."
• Karen Dyson, Clifton
"I just wanted to let you know that the M1 tuition with Nathan is going very well and my daughter is pleased about her progress in the subject. Many thanks for your help."
• Fabiana Ascione, Redland
"I would like to thank Bal and Maz for the outstanding work they have both done with Stanley over the past few months. Stanley has, in the past, found schooling very trying, both Bal and Maz found the perfect approach to teaching Stanley and, not only got more work than I have ever known, they also managed to prepare him for his next setting Knowle DGE. Stanley has spent almost two weeks at his new school. He has completed all work set him and completed all homework, something he has rarely done before. His first week ended with a trip bowling as a reward. In the past three years I have never seen Stanley so happy to go to school and I think that a big part of that is due to the work that both Bal and Maz put in. Thank you both so much for your hard work, you were both amazing with him. I am so grateful for the work you put in to get him to this point in his education and the skills you have given him which he will carry with him for life."
• Angela Harrison, Speedwell Bristol
"Hello I am contacting you in regards to one of your tutors whom is currently working with one of my students at Cotham school, and I have to say that Maz Brown is by far one of the best personal tutors I have ever come across. She has a fantastic rapport with her student and has achieved with him in six weeks what most teachers have not been able to do in six months, her approach is consistent and she has adapted her time to best benefit this student. She has been generous, kind, consistent and has generated results many people would not have deemed possible."
• Reuben Grant-Whatman , Cotham School
"Sarah has been very positive and encouraging, and gives regular encouraging comments to my son. Through the individually tailored learning my son is able to increase his confidence in his own abilities and is able to ask questions which he would not necessarily do in the larger school classroom scenario. He has a school taest next wek and feels more confident so hopefully that will be reflected in his results. I am very happy we have used the tutor service and have Sarah to be very polite and professional in her attitude and approach."
• Karen Cook, Bishopston
"Thanks so much for all your help. J doesn’t think she would have achieved a B in Media without you."
• Louise Jones, Horfield
"I thought I would give you an update on how our son got on with his GCSEs. He managed to get the sufficient entry grades to Bristol Cathedral Choir School's without having to resit any subject. We are all delighted. He managed to pass his Maths which was his bugbear subject and Doug really helped him through this. Mike who came to help him with Geography quite close to the exams was absolutely brilliant. He managed to get a high B, and is now doing Geography at A Level! All that to say that the two teachers that you put forward for our son worked out very well."
• Emma Goldson, Westbury-on-Trym
""Responsible and reliable. My sister has benefited from these sessions. Continue the good work, we really appreciate the help.""
• Naima Robleh, St Judes Bristol
"I wanted to say a huge thank you for connecting us with Emma. From his very first lesson with her, my son could see that she was going to be giving him invaluable assistance with his A-level English literature studies. He had been predicted a grade B by his school, but with Emma's wonderful input , he achieved a grade A ( and in fact an A* in the module for which he was receiving the tutoring). Emma is a such a good teacher, and I cannot speak highly enough of her."
• Christine Morton, Horfield
"Charles has been an inspiration to my daughter, she has been enthused by him and really enjoyed the sessions with him. Although she's only had a few weeks working with Charles, he has encouraged Lauren to be brave with her writing and be more confident. I couldn't have asked for a better tutor. if I need a tutor for either of my children in the future, I wouldn't hesitate to use Charles again."
• Melissa Birkinshaw, Stoke Bishop
"The tutoring sessions have really helped me to improve. The tutor has taught me different learning techniques which have really helped me to understand things better. I highly recommend Bristol Tutors."
Stefan Bates. A-level student, Redland Green School