Our aim is to arrange affordable quality tuition in the Southwest.  Our price plan is simple, with no hidden costs.


2021 Tuition Rates

The following fees will take effect from Jan 1st 2021 for all new and existing clients

KS1-4: £28 p/h

A-level&post 16 tuition: £29.50 p/h

Degree&Adult learning: £32ph


School tutoring: Fees for school-based tutoring can vary depending on the needs so please get in touch to discuss the particulars.

Extra pupils for referrals: This is charged at the same rate as one to one tuition with an additional fee of £3.50 for the extra student.

Group tuition: Rates vary depending on groups size, level and duration so please get in touch for more information.

Travel expenses: If the tutor has to travel more than 4 miles (‘as the crow flies’), it will be requested that you pay an additional 45p per mile, up to £15 unless otherwise agreed. However, we will do our very best to place you with a local tutor.