Biology students are required to receive a solid grounding in the knowledge of living organisms and their environments. Application of biological principles to practical investigations is also a key requirement of Biology courses. Recently, the scope of the subject has been broadened to include the role of biotechnology within society as well as molecular biology.

Exam candidates will be assessed in a number of areas, which include the relevant knowledge of key biological concepts, evaluation of information and demonstration of problem-solving abilities. Effective demonstration of practical skills is also important. Biology tuition can help students to improve their overall confidence in each of these areas and encourage students to grow in confidence and knowledge of key aspects of the course

Lower School Biology

In lower-level Biology courses, students are introduced to basic concepts in Biology, such as the biological basis for life, interactions and relationships within ecology and how to apply biological principals in other areas such as leisure, work and other activities. Biology tutors seek to enable students to revise all the important topics such as the world of plants and animals, cell functions and genetics, biotechnology and the biosphere. Within such areas, tutors will help to identify the topics that students find most challenging and help to find ways to help them to understand and engage with the topics more effectively.

Biology tutoring ultimately seeks to enable the student to grow in enthusiasm for the subject and aid them in meeting course criteria to achieve target grades. Biology exams tend to involve a practical element too. Tutors can also help with preparation for this, focusing on such aspects as handing apparatus and equipment properly, analyzing data effectively and correct observation analysis. Drawing conclusions from each experiment is also of great importance in this subject. This can be done with the help of a tutor to assist with discerning the correct understanding of experiment’s results and outcomes.

Advanced Level Biology

In higher level Biology courses, students are required to engage with trickier topics and study them in much greater depth. Basic topics might be explored in more detail too. As an example, the topic of genetics could be studied within other related areas such as selection, variation and adaption to environments. A Biology tutor will help the student to understand and explore the wider applications of these basic principles and help further their student’s understanding of these principles and how they inter-relate.

A number of contemporary topics have newly been introduced to higher course specifications, such as DNA, metabolism and and sustainability. In the course of Biology tutoring, a Biology tutor will aim to help students to grow in knowledge and increased awareness of modern applications, for example how it relates directly to industrial practice. Within this, bioethics and conservation now play a key role.

At even more advanced levels, students will have the freedom to undertake research into an area of Biology of their own choosing. Biology tutors seek to ensure that their students develop the relevant skills with which to do this, such as problem-solving, interpretation of relevant data, and presenting it in the correct formats. Complex calculations are required in order to make predications and draw conclusions based on the evidence findings and a tutor can help with accurate interpretations of these.

Finding a Biology Tutor in Bristol

A Biology tutor can help with the transition into higher education too, by helping students to be fully prepared for higher level exams and aid in-depth consideration about whether Biology is a subject they would definitely like to study at a higher level. Having a Biology tutor who is studying at degree level can be especially useful for this as they have first-hand knowledge of the degree course and what a prospective student can realistically expect.

If you feel you need extra help in excelling in your Biology course, you can contact Bristol Tutors to be put in touch with a suitable tutor for face-to-face or online tuition.

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