Why is English important?

English is one of the ‘core’ subjects in education and it is vitally important. We can take language for granted but the ability to articulate, explain, argue and persuade has benefits far beyond the classroom. At Bristol Tutors we offer English tuition for KS1-4, A-level and also adult learning.

The focus of tuition will vary depending on what key stage you are studying at but there are overall themes that will continue throughout your education, such as the ability to communicate effectively (in both spoken and written word), analyze, compare and contrast and present and argument.

It can be easy to disregard English as a compulsory ‘school subject’ but have you ever stopped to think about how far the benefits of mastering English reach?

What Are the Benefits of Having Good English Skills?


Having excellent English skills, both verbal and written, shows future employers that you can communicate fluently and be trusted to carry out work with ease and efficiency.


The more confident and at ease you are with English, the faster you will be able to understand tasks set and complete work, which is a valuable skill to have.


If English is not your first language you may struggle to understand conversations and feel fully involved in social occasions. By taking some time to improve your English skills through one to one tuition you will be able to have a greater understanding of the nuance of the English language and, hopefully, grow in confidence when relating to others.

So if you would like to learn, improve or just brush up on your English, one to one English tuition is a great place to start.

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