French tuition can help students with every aspect of learning this language – written, oral skills and general comprehension. It is important to practise conversation skills in second languages to help to ensure accuracy and the use of the correct accents.

By working with a French tutor, you can go over key areas and find ways to help you learn vocabulary. Another aspect of learning this language is developing an understanding of French culture and how French society works.

In an increasingly global workplace, being able to be proficient in a second language has many advantages and French is spoken in 29 countries across the globe.

Starting Out

When you start to learn French at primary level, Key Stage 3 or GCSE, the initial steps will be to learn basic vocabulary. This is generally done in themed units, such as Culture and Society, Relationships and Contemporary Issues. These topics will serve as a way to introduce vocational and transactional langue using sample conversations and set phrases. A French tutor can help to reinforce what is learned in class and build upon this by exploring more complex ways of communicating such issues. The advantage of working one to one with a tutor helps to ensure maximum competency by giving the student extra practise and understanding. The oral and written tests in French exams are a key aspect of assessment. Students must prepare tasks and complete written tasks under timed conditions. Examinations will be set in order to test reading and listening skills. French tuition can help students to focus on the areas they struggle with most to ensure they are fully prepared for assessments.

Advanced French

When studying French at higher level, such as A-level or on a degree course, more advanced topics will be covered such as politics and international cultures. The language may be studied through a variety of media including film literature and music. At higher levels, a more complex understanding of French culture and history is required. A French tutor can help students to grow in confidence and explore ways to express ideas concisely and elaborately on controversial issues.

If you are a beginner or studying advanced-level French, you can contact Bristol Tutors for a chat about how we may be able to help you.

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