It has famously been said that if we don’t understand History then we are forced to re-live it. Historical studies help us to understand humanity, it’s brilliance and foibles. It also helps us to grasp patterns of human behaviour across the centuries.

So, it may be interesting stuff but what is the worth in studying for a qualification in History?

Reasons to Study History


Many skills are learned in the study of history that are transferrable and valuable in many jobs. In your study, you will learn to analyse, question and debate. You will also learn valuable skills about how to prioritise information and make decisions. This can be invaluable in any given career.


In order to have a full understanding of complex current affairs, it is very advantageous to have an understanding of how things got to where they. One of the ways to do this is by looking into the history of counties, social issues and political movements. Everything that happens today is influenced directly, or indirectly by what has happened in the past.

Cultural awareness

Looking at the history of certain cultures helps us to understand why they operate as they do. Looking at current racial tensions in the USA, for example, we can gain great insight by exploring the cultural roots in studying the abolition of the slave trade and the American Civil war. Even the history of the US constitution, old as it is, has a direct impact on the culture of politics in the USA today. An awareness of history helps us to more easily understand cultures and why they hold certain things to be so dear.

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