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Primary tuition can help consolidate learning in a number of ways. The Primary education curriculum has undergone a lot of changes over recent years. It aims to ensure children have an education which enables and encourages them to develop skills for their future lives – for both working and living.

Keeping Up With the Curriculum

Additional tuition can sometimes be sought for primary students who struggle with certain aspects of the syllabus and can feel ‘left behind’ in the context of larger classes and a fast-paced curriculum content. Being able to offer tailor-made one to one support can improve academic performance but also, as importantly, build confidence and enthusiasm for certain subject areas. Unlike in primary classroom settings, primary tutors can specifically hone tutorials to the student’s preferred learning styles to help them to catch up. Alternatively they can also look at more advanced topics if pupils have a keen desire to learn over and above what is being taught in school.

Identifying Specific Educational Needs

Specific Educational needs, such as dyslexia and dyscalculia, can often become apparent as pupils work their way through Primary education. These are best identified early on to ensure that the correct support can be put in place. Screening can be carried out by specially trained teachers or by Educational Psychologists. If you know your child has a specific learning difficulty, it is a good idea to mention this at the point of requesting tuition to maximise the chances of finding a suitable tutor match.

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