We live in an age where scientific discovery is fast-paced and exciting. Science is classed as a ‘core’ subject and is one of the ‘big three’, along with English and Maths. Having an interest and strong ability in science can open many career doors, and let’s not forget that it is also an area that is important in it’s own right!

Why is Science Important?

  • Science has been important over the years to help us to discern how the world around us operates. It is important for us to keep learning and discovering – after all, once upon a time scientists thought the world was flat – imagine if they had stopped there!
  • Science is important in medicine. Did you know that 1000 years ago the average life span was only 30? Science has enabled significant breakthroughs in the area of medicine which had lead to longer life spans in the modern age.
  • Building; it might not seem obvious but science – especially Physics, has a direct impact on the quality of buildings and bridges we use. Being able to calculate specifics is imperative to ensure the buildings we use are safe, warm and structurally sound.
  • Communications – it is a relatively new phenomenon to be able to communicate so easily from afar – the invention of phones, the internet, cars and planes means we can travel far and communicate more effectively.

Science in Education

If you study science at higher levels, it is likely to be subcategorised into Physics, Chemistry and Biology. However, in lower school you will study ‘science’ and it will involve elements of all three. Whether being studies at Primary, Secondary or tertiary level, science is an important subject for us as a civilisation.

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