Outstanding work

I would like to thank Bal and Maz for the outstanding work they have both done with Stanley over the past few months. Stanley has, in the past, found schooling very trying, both Bal and Maz found the perfect approach to teaching Stanley and, not only got more work than I have ever known, they also managed to prepare him for his next setting Knowle DGE. Stanley has spent almost two weeks at his new school. He has completed all work set him and completed all homework, something he has rarely done before. His first week ended with a trip bowling as a reward. In the past three years I have never seen Stanley so happy to go to school and I think that a big part of that is due to the work that both Bal and Maz put in. Thank you both so much for your hard work, you were both amazing with him. I am so grateful for the work you put in to get him to this point in his education and the skills you have given him which he will carry with him for life.

Angela Harrison - Speedwell Bristol

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