Pass functional Skills

How to pass Functional Skills

Here at Bristol Tutors, we have partnered with Pass Functional Skills to ensure our students can achieve their GCSE equivalent qualifications they need to get into University or higher education. These qualifications are equivalent to GCSE grade C or level 4. Functional skills level 2 in maths and English is the equivalent that Universities and employers accept with hundreds of thousands of people...

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The best chance of success

All parents want to give their child the best chance of success. However, sometimes there can be barriers to learning. These can include large classroom sizes, which prevent one to one attention. It could be motivational challenges and even specific learning difficulties that can cause obstacles to your child fulfilling their potential. We’ve put together a brief ‘go-to guide’ of what to ...

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Girl sitting at table in school looking sad

Start of term blues

It has been an uncertain time in education and your child may be having some anxiety about re-starting school. There are some steps that you can take to help your child feel more at ease with the start of the school year. These steps include planning in fun things for the term ahead and talking to them about what they are nervous about. If they feel worried about a particular subject area, a p...

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How to tell if your child could benefit from tutoring

Did you know that the Education Endowment Fund (EEF) reports that 1 in 3 students at secondary school have a tutor? So if you feel like your child might need tuition, you are not alone! There are a number of indications that your child might benefit form tuition. The most common is that your child might struggle with a particular course or subject area and feel that they are falling behind and ...

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Arrow with caption 'Love to Lean' and a man walking past it

Discovering your learning style

There are lots of different ways to learn!  Knowing how a student learns best means that information can be better absorbed and applied in academic contexts. It can hugely improve revision technique and exam results. It all comes down to how each person is made differently and therefore absorbs information differently. So, what are some of these learning styles? Here we will be talking about t...

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Picture of an empty school classroom with tables and chairs

Absence and achievement – is there a link?

In spring 2016, the Department of education published a report which addressed the relationship between academic attainment and class absence. The report states that at Key Stage 2: ‘… pupils with no absence are 1.3 times more likely to achieve level 4 or above, and 3.1 times more likely to achieve level 5 or above, than pupils that missed 10-15 per cent of all sessions.’ At KS4 the s...

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