Customer Testimonials

Alaa Daud – Bristol

“Michelle has played an instrumental role in my daughter achieving an A* (Grade 9) in English Language and Literature in GCSE, and her consistent efforts have been invaluable. She gave her the right advice and guidance throughout the sessions, tailoring them to meet my daughter’s needs. Michelle was thorough and meticulous with her feedback, encouraging my daughter to reflect on her assignments. She went above and beyond the weekly lessons, responding to emails and reviewing my daughter’s work throughout the week. I have recommended Michelle to other friends, who have been very grateful and share similar positive views of her.”

Sarah Campbell – Bristol

“My daughter has mild learning difficulties and finds English particularly difficult. Tim was incredibly intuitive and patient with her. He recognised some blockages for her with learning and spoke to me about trying different techniques and approaches. I was so impressed with his commitment to help Cleo. He researched her specific rare condition and used personal experience with his professional experience to work out a very positive, engaging way of teaching her. She is so much more confident having had her lessons with Tim. She liked him and felt very comfortable with him. I am extremely grateful to Tim for all the work he put in and the support he gave Cleo and us as a family as a result. He has given me some fantastic tools to be able to continue his positive work. Thanks so much.”

Emma Thorn – Bristol

“Our daughter had lost confidence in her ability with Maths and felt very negative about it as a subject. Within a few sessions Mel has understood what was holding her back , and worked patiently to help Grace progress and work on maths problems in a way that worked for her. The result – she went up 2 predicted grades and got a 6 in her GCSE Maths and actually said she enjoyed Maths! I would recommend Mel highly to any parent looking for some extra help for their child.”

Tracy – Learning Partnership West

“We have been exceptionally pleased with the progress one of our very complex learners has made in Maths. The tutor’s flexibility, encouragement and willingness to also mentor alongside the teaching made all the difference.”

Ruqiya Mahamud – Lawrence Hill, Bristol

“Dear Bristol Tutors, I have been very very pleased with the support that I have gained from my tutor who was provided by your company. I think that Bal is very good at demonstrating things to me and she does in such an easy way, where I can actually understand what she is saying and later on use it in my work. I have had previous tutors before but like Bal, there has never been, she helped evolve my grammar, and expand my vocabulary. She taught new ways of how to study English which changed my skills in English and my grade from a high D to a full C. She is the best and I would definitely recommend her.”

Christine Morton – Horfield

“I wanted to say a huge thank you for connecting us with Emma. From his very first lesson with her, my son could see that she was going to be giving him invaluable assistance with his A-level English literature studies. He had been predicted a grade B by his school, but with Emma’s wonderful input , he achieved a grade A ( and in fact an A* in the module for which he was receiving the tutoring). Emma is a such a good teacher, and I cannot speak highly enough of her.”

Reuben Grant-Whatman – Cotham School

“Hello I am contacting you in regards to one of your tutors whom is currently working with one of my students at Cotham school, and I have to say that Maz is by far one of the best personal tutors I have ever come across. She has a fantastic rapport with her student and has achieved with him in six weeks what most teachers have not been able to do in six months, her approach is consistent and she has adapted her time to best benefit this student. She has been generous, kind, consistent and has generated results many people would not have deemed possible.”


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