Online Tuition

In the current climate there is a bigger shift than ever towards online and blended learning.  In fact, research suggests that online learning is a very effective way to deliver tuition and we have a team of dedicated tutors ready to help you meet your goals if that is your preferred method of receiving tuition.

What are some of the benefits of online learning?

1. It is convenient – you can learn from your own home

2. It is effective – online learning is increasingly evidenced to be as effective as face to face tuition.

3. Flexibility – you can find a mutually convenient time with the tutor to have tutorials.

At Bristol Tutors we will work with you to deliver remote and online learning in the way and time that is best for you.  We can use a variety of platforms depending on your preference and also have our own dedicated virtual classroom available for use.

You may have heard the phrase ‘blended learning’ – this means a combination of face to face and online tutorials.  This can also be an effective way of experiencing the benefits of both types of tutoring and is also an approach we are able to offer.

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