Boosting Handwriting and Phonics in Early Years Children

by | Apr 24, 2024 | Education

As parents in the UK, you’re well aware of the importance of early years education in helping your child develop strong handwriting and phonics skills. In today’s digital age, smartphones and iPads can be valuable tools to supplement your child’s learning. We’ve compiled a list of five top-notch apps that are not only fun but highly educational, designed to support your child’s handwriting and phonics development. Let’s explore these apps and how they can assist your little ones in their early learning journey.



1. LetterSchool (iOS, Android)

LetterSchool is a fantastic app for early years children to develop their handwriting skills. It’s available on both iOS and Android, making it accessible to a wide range of users. The app engages children with interactive tracing exercises for letters and numbers. The visual and audio feedback provided during these exercises make learning an enjoyable experience.

The app also offers various fonts to cater to different regional preferences, which is particularly helpful for UK parents. The app’s engaging design and structured approach to writing make it an ideal choice for kids learning to write.



2. Phonics Hero (iOS, Android)

Phonics Hero is an invaluable resource for UK parents, designed to help children become confident readers. Phonics is a fundamental part of early years education, and this app covers all the phonics phases typically taught in the UK curriculum. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, Phonics Hero turns phonics practice into an exciting game.

The app gamifies phonics learning, which can motivate children to engage with phonics in a fun and interactive way. This is particularly important as phonics forms a vital part of early reading skills, setting the foundation for literacy.



3. Writing Wizard (iOS, Android)

Handwriting is a fundamental skill, and Writing Wizard is an app available on both iOS and Android platforms to aid in its development. One of the unique features of this app is its customizability. It allows UK parents to select fonts that align with the handwriting style taught in UK schools.

Writing Wizard supports children in practising their handwriting by guiding them through tracing letters, numbers, and words. This app’s adaptability is one of its strengths, making it suitable for early years children at various skill levels.



4. Endless Alphabet (iOS, Android)

Endless Alphabet introduces children to letters and their sounds in a delightful and interactive manner. The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms and features cute animated monsters that teach the letters and their corresponding phonetic sounds.

In the UK, where phonics is a vital part of early literacy, this app helps children grasp the relationship between letters and their sounds in an engaging and memorable way. Interactive puzzles further reinforce phonics learning and make it enjoyable.



5. Reading Rockets (iOS, Android)

Reading Rockets is not just an app but a valuable online resource for UK parents looking to support their children’s early literacy development, including phonics and handwriting. This resource is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Reading Rockets offers a wealth of information, activities, games, and tips to help your child succeed in reading and writing. It provides parents with guidance on how to support their children’s literacy development, making it an excellent supplement to the other apps on this list.




Early years education is a critical period for children, and as parents, you play a significant role in their development. Utilising educational apps like LetterSchool, Phonics Hero, Writing Wizard, Endless Alphabet, and resources like Reading Rockets can be highly beneficial in supporting your child’s handwriting and phonics skills. These apps and resources not only make learning fun and engaging but also provide structured and interactive methods to help your child thrive in their early years. Whether your child is just starting to learn or is well on their way, these apps can be a valuable addition to your parenting toolkit.


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