How to Cope With Change

by | Feb 9, 2021 | Education

Change can throw us and there has certainly been lots of that in the past year. One minute you think you know what the plan is and where the goal posts are and, without much warning, they have suddenly moved. This can be really troubling for pupils and parents alike.

So, how can you best cope with change and do your very best to excel in a new landscape?


Gain clarity

Step one is to gain clarity on what the new goal posts actually are. If you are in final years of GCSEs or A-levels you will still be assessed but this will now look different. Ask your teachers exactly what you need to do and what is now expected of you. It’s remarkable how much of achievement is based around being really clear on what needs to be achieved and by when so, whatever you do, don’t leave this up to chance!


Be adaptable

Having an adaptable mindset will really help you navigate unexpected changes. Pushing against a new reality generally makes it harder to cope with. Talking things through with a friend, tutor or teacher to get to a place where you not only understand but also accept the new landscape will really help. Once you have found a place of peace with how things are and the ways in which they are now looking different, you can start to really focus on how to grow in a new way and keep you achievements up.


Speak to a private tutor

A private tutor has many roles and one of them can be to coach you through change. In addition to providing subject – specific support in order to help you excel in your school, college or University work, they can also help you to navigate unexpected changes and draw up revised goals. It is an environment in which you can be completely honest about how you feel. If you are unmotivated, scared or bored or remote learning – that’s ok! Starting from a place of reality means you can take real and tangible steps to get up and out of that place into a positive position where you are poised and focused to fulfill your academic potential.

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