How to Make Lockdown a Productive Time

by | Jan 27, 2021 | Education

2020 and 2021 have pushed many to their limits.

Education looks different but it is no less important.  2021 assessments for GCSE and A-level students will look different but are nevertheless vitally important.  Students will still need to obtain certain grades in order to move forwards in the next step of their educational journey.  So, how do you make the best of this time?

Here are some top tips on how to stay sharp and aim high at this time;


Assess where you are at

You may already feel very confident about your learning and achievements, which is great! For others, you may be worrying that you are losing interest in subjects you once loved or that you are slowly falling behind. The best course of action is to seek a frank conversation with your teacher and parent or caregiver and to discus your concerns about this. Be open to feedback about areas where you may need help and to commit to focus in order to reverse any negative patterns and get back on your A game.


Take care of yourself

With limits on social interaction, travel and even exercise it is very easy to retreat into a mental bubble of sluggishness. Make sure you keep as fit as you can, get that oxygen pumping around! Take care to connect with friends and family where you can within the covid lockdown rules and avoid total isolation. Mental fitness will directly impact upon academic achievements so do the basics well: eat well, sleep well, connect with loved ones, exercise, carry on with hobbies you love where possible, and so on.


Connect with a private tutor

Private tutors can help you to navigate this difficult and uncertain time. You can talk frankly to your tutor about what you feel your current strengths and weaknesses are and from there make a plan of action together than feels confortable and achievable for you.

It is also a great setting in which to discuss and plan ahead for your bigger goals – what are you next steps in education and what grades do you need for that?

Even during lockdown, private tutoring can carry on as normal via online learning. This is not a second-rate way of accessing private tutoring but rather a convenient way to access the same service during a time when face-to-face tutorials are not permitted.

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