Maths GCSE – Important Changes

by | Nov 17, 2017 | Education

As of June 2017, students are to be tested on the new Maths syllabus. Instead of the old-style ABC grading system, Maths GCSE is now graded with the new system of 9-1 grades. 9 is the highest grade but it is worth noting that fewer will be awarded then the former system with A * grades. This is to ensure the very best students receive due recognition in the grading system. An old C grade is equivalent to around grade 4 in the new grading system. All of the exam boards have made updates to their Maths GCSE specifications, although bear in mind that past papers will still hold some relevance as most exam boards will be likely to have some remaining similarities to former papers.


What is new in the content?

The new specifications now have more content and it is fair to say they are also more demanding. As such it is a good idea to read the updated syllabus through with a teacher or tutor to ensure you are clear on what is required before you start revising for your Maths GCSE. It is vital to be crystal clear on what you do (and don’t) need to know, what will be provided on a formula sheets and what you will need to know by heart.


How do I prepare?

 Look through some past papers and revision guides relevant to the new specification – CGP guides are very good (link here). Work out sooner rather than later what are the critical areas for securing predicated grades. For those seeking A* grades, make sure you know what you actually need to know and do to get that grade.

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