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by | Nov 10, 2017 | Education

Nowadays, many parents are turning to private tutors to allow their children to get the best out of their education. Whether it is to help children falling behind in specific subjects, during exam season or to get them to the top of the class, private tuition could be just what they need in order to reach their full potential. At Bristol Tutors we are friendly, affordable and professional, and ready to find the perfect tutor for your child.


Who are the private tutors?

All tutors specialise in at least one subject and possess numerous skills in order to help their students get the most out of the private classes. Their expertise and experience help to create a great learning environment with plenty of enthusiasm and of course, professionalism. Parents can rest assured their kids are in great hands. These tutors do not just offer expertise in the given subject. They can also help with other skills such as time management, organisation, study skills and exam preparation.


What happens?

The tutors are chosen carefully for each student to ensure they are well suited with the appropriate abilities. Once paired up, the tutor can begin right away usually in the comfort of the child’s home for convenience and familiarity. After the first session, they will already have an idea of which areas the child needs help with, and the best methods for them to learn. We understand every child is different and so we adapt our teaching methods so that every individual can get the most out of each class, working at their own pace. All material is prepared by the tutor and of course, they can help with any other work as required by the child, such as homework.


Benefits of hiring a private tutor

One-on-one private tuition really gives the student the opportunity to open their minds to the world of knowledge which awaits them, in a positive learning environment. The more the child learns, the more confident they will become. This is key in education, especially when it comes to exams. Often in a class full of students, children do not have the confidence to raise their hand to answer or ask a question. These private lessons break down those barriers in order to help the student acquire all the skills needed to prosper both in the private classes and at school. Private tuition can also help to motivate students. As soon as students see improvements they are often instantly motivated to continue in this direction. The first step towards this is the first session with a tutor. Another benefit of private tuition is the flexibility. This is great news for those with a busy schedule and sessions can often easily be increased during exam season!


Tracking progress

Throughout the sessions, the tutor will continuously be tracking progress. This has two main benefits: firstly, the tutor can evaluate the student’s strengths within the subject and the areas in which the child needs more help. Secondly, the tutor can give a constant feedback to the parents, allowing them to keep up to date with all the work they are doing and more involved in general. This is often not possible in the rushed 15-minute parent meetings at school!

All the tutors are dedicated to allowing each student to reach their full potential and will be with them every step of the way!

By Holly Patterson

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