Transitions and Tuition: Navigating Big Changes and Exam Success

by | Nov 17, 2017 | Education

Every child is unique and children progress at different rates. However, to get the best start at secondary school they need to be at a certain level by age 11, irrespective of whether they are starting at secondary school, grammar school or a private school. Accessing tutoring before and during this transition can make a big difference to a child’s confidence and help to reduce anxiety around these changes.


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‘The earlier you start thinking about and preparing for critical changes assessments, the less stress will be put on the student’, says Anne-Marie Firmin, owner and managing director of Bristol Tutors.   ‘Little and often is they key to making extra help and preparation seem fun and helpful. Where possible, you need to avoid a stressful last minute cramming scenarios for exams as this puts the pupil under much greater pressure.’

‘Early diagnosis of any specific learning difficulties is also of paramount importance. If a child has dyslexia, dyscalculia or is on the autistic spectrum, the sooner you know the better so you can put the right support in place for them.’

With average class sizes of 30 in secondary schools, students with additional leaning needs can find it especially hard to keep up with the pace. They are likely to have a different way of leaning to other students which can lead to frustration and disengagement from education as a whole. Big transitions and assessments then become even more stressful and harder to navigate.

With the busyness and chaos of modern life, making space for students to have one to one tutoring and be encouraged at every step and be praised for their achievements, can make a critical difference to how they see their own abilities. The focus needs to be about helping them to feel positive about progressing to the next educational step.

‘Inspiration is key’ continues Anne-Marie, ‘if a child has a sense of excitement and confidence, the stress of keeping up with ever-growing curriculum demands can be reduced significantly. Each child needs to know they are unique, valued and have great potential, whatever that looks like.’

Tutoring is a great way to ensure they have a place where they can learn at their own pace, be supported during the big changes and assessments, and help them to reach their academic potential.

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