Chemistry is generally recognised to be one of the subjects students struggle with the most. It can be particularly challenging and students often benefit from extra tuition. Chemistry tuition focuses on supporting all aspects of knowledge in this area, including skills-based and knowledge-based areas. Existing understanding of these can be ascertained though discussion, testing and guided questioning.

Consolidation of what has ben learned in class is a key area to go over in tutoring sessions as falling behind can lead to gaps in knowledge that can impact overall understanding and grades. Specific areas students can find helpful to go over in tutorials are revising difficult formulae, re-visiting complex theories to ensure correct understanding and discussion about real life application of chemistry to help ground theoretical knowledge of the subject.

Chemistry is highly relevant to everyday life, where we realise it or not and can be a building bock of deeper understanding of our world, environment and universe.

There are a number of benefits to appointing a tutor to help you with Chemistry. The right Chemistry tutor can help you to maximize results and ensure you are prepared to succeed in the key areas:

Study Skills

However good subject knowledge may be, students can find they can be overwhelmed by the amount of work required and pinning down which bits of the syllabus to focus on at a given time. This can adversly affect findings and therefore results. Breaking down time, topics and being strategic is highly important to success.

Syllabus Understanding

This is of paramount importance – gaps in knowledge or lack of correct understanding can adversely affect exam results. Knowing what you do – and don’t- need to know is vital.

Exam Technique

Passing Chemistry means you need to be able to understand and properly answer questions. Answers need to be concise, full and meet specific examination criteria. Chemistry tutors can help you to understand better exactly what examiners are looking for and so help you to hone your answers to ensure you achieve target grades.

Chemistry Tuition Basics – How Bristol Tutors Can Help You

Chemistry Topics

When studying Chemistry, students encounter a wide variety of topics such as acids and alkalis, metals, corrosion, plastics and fuels. Initial study of the subject also tends to focus on the periodic table and the underlying principles of important chemical reactions,

Chemistry tuition can be useful to consolidate existing topics and enable students to go onto more complex ones.

Chemistry Skills

When studying Chemistry it is expected that a knowledge base will grow and a Bristol Tutors Chemistry Tutor can help to ensure a student is capable and prepared for the next steps. Candidates must develop problem-solving skills too, such as how to effectively handle and process information for accurate presentation and evaluation in the form of tables and graphs. Drawing conclusions is also a skill that tutors can assist with.

Chemistry Practicalities

Practical work is especially important in the field of chemistry, as experiments are central to the study of this subject. Although your tutor cannot be present in class, a Bristol Tutors Chemistry tutor can assist with written reflection and recoding of their experiment in written form. Evidence must be provided of critical and creative thinking, observation of safety codes and controlling variables. This can be tricky so a tutor can help to navigate and explain this process to ensure correct procedures are followed during the experiment write-up process.

If you are looking for a Chemistry Tutor in Bristol, You can contact Bristol Tutors for a free no-obligation discussion about how our tutors may be able to help you. If we can’t help, we will do out best to point you in the right direction according to your specific needs.

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