As with all Modern Foreign Languages, when studying Spanish you must be able to show competency in the four key areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Aswell as grasping vocabulary, Spanish students must be able to grasp and apply grammatical rules and patterns in order to formulate coherent sentences and phrases.

Spanish tutors can help with each of the four key areas as well as offering practical help such as how to use dictionaries and enable students to independently search for information. Being able to practise Spanish conversation in the relaxed context of a tutorial can be immensely valuable in helping students to get a feel for the language outside of the classroom. It allows provides a safe environment to experiment with using new vocabulary and phrases.

With regards to the written elements, Spanish tutors can help to identify spelling and grammar errors and assist with ways to correctly learn and apply key language rules and principles.

Basic Spanish

When starting out, the first steps tend to be grasping basic vocabulary while studying themed units. Teachers will introduce โ€˜stockโ€™ sentences and phrases to help get you started. In terms of assessments, students will typically need to be able to prepare a short talk and written answers under timed conditions. Reading and listening skills will also be tested. In tutorials, your Spanish tutor can help to you understand what the examiner will be looking for and assist you in being prepared for upcoming assessments.

Higher Level Spanish

At more advanced levels, Spanish language courses will tend to focus on more complex vocabulary and advanced themes such as history, literature and culture. Using different medias to learn, such as film, music, or literature, enables more complex topics to be studied in a fun way.

At higher levels students will be expected to communicate accurately and effectively. A Spanish tutor can assist with preparation for more complex examinations by providing the setting for relaxed conversational practise with a focus on difficult topics.

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