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How to make Lockdown a productive time

2020 and 2021 have pushed many to their limits. Education looks different but it is no less important.  2021 assessments for GCSE and A-level students will look different but are nevertheless vitally important.  Students will still need to obtain certain grades in order to move forwards in the next step of their educational journey.  So, how do you make the best of this time? Here are som...

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School children sitting at a desk learning

Working with Bristol Schools

Since it’s foundation in 2009, Bristol Tutors has worked alongside schools and care systems in the wider Bristol area to facilitate effective tuition referrals. There are lots of different types of school tutoring, a few of them are listed below. Homeschooling Sometimes if a pupil is unable to attend school for a period of time, either due to illness or temporary exclusion, tutoring can be ...

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Education is not just about exams

The UK has a test-based education culture that is increasingly coming under scrutiny.  Did you know that in one of the world’s leading education systems – Finland - children don’t actually start formal academic learning until the age of seven? Furthermore, Finland’s commitment to education equality means that they ban formal examinations until the age of 18 and do not allow streaming...

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The benefits of online tutoring

In March 2020 the world changed and is unlikely to change back in some respects. One of these changes has been the enormous increase in remote learning and working which has proved itself to be very effective. There are many benefits to online learning and here are just a few: Convenience We lead busy lives and fitting in travel time, accounting for travel costs and other logistical factors m...

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How to effectively manage exam stress

From SATS through to degree exams, managing exam stress can feel like a constant battle and will affect some learners more than others. However, there are things you can do to help alleviate this stress and feel more calm and confident about achieving your goals. Some top tips Gain clarity One of the most stressful aspects of pending assessments can be feeling unsure about what you...

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Staying focused and motivated for mock exams

Mock Exams When I was at school, mock exams didn’t seem all that important and I was utterly confused about why my teachers made such a big deal about them. Not until later did I realize how much I benefited from taking them and studying for them seriously. When I got to the real summer exams, I found I already had a set of well organized revision notes, a back-log of subject knowledge and that...

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