Top tips for essay writing

Essay skills are essential in many subject areas, not just English. In order to secure top grades and impress examiners it is vital that you follow certain key steps. Plan Never dive in and start writing before you have written a plan. If you are writing a coursework or a class-based essay you can take your time about this and really research your subject. Find key bits of information ...

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Ofsted praises Bristol schools miracle turnaround

A decade ago Bristol’s reputation on the education front left a lot to be desired. However, in recent years things have been changing at a fast pace and Bristol’s secondary schools are now turning around at a rapid rate. In fact, on Weds Dec 13th 2017 Ofsted’s annual report rated Bristol’s secondary schools among the best in the country. Although schools are not ultimately measured by O...

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Woman tutoring boy

Helping your child get the help they need

Children can have mixed reactions to getting extra help, whether for exam preparation or top-up support in a subject they find especially hard.   Some might feel nervous about meeting a new tutor, or resist extra help feeling it is extra work on top of an already-loaded school program. Helping your child to feel positive about receiving extra tuition can be hard to navigate. How can you enabl...

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Two students celebrate exam success

Transitions and tuition: navigating big changes and exam success

Transitions and tuition: navigating big changes and exam success Every child is unique and children progress at different rates. However, to get the best start at secondary school they need to be at a certain level by age 11, irrespective of whether they are starting at secondary school, grammar school or a private school. Accessing tutoring before and during this transition can make a big diff...

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Apple on top of pile of books

Maths GCSE – important changes

Maths GCSE – important changes   As of June 2017, students are to be tested on the new Maths syllabus. Instead of the old-style ABC grading system, Maths GCSE is now graded with the new system of 9-1 grades. 9 is the highest grade but it is worth noting that fewer will be awarded then the former system with A * grades. This is to ensure the very best students receive due recognition i...

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Man teaching teenage boy at table

Private tutors in Bristol – How we can help you!

Nowadays, many parents are turning to private tutors to allow their children to get the best out of their education. Whether it is to help children falling behind in specific subjects, during exam season or to get them to the top of the class, private tuition could be just what they need in order to reach their full potential. At Bristol Tutors we are friendly, affordable and professional, and rea...

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