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Keep Calm and Study Hard – how to keep your cool during exam season

Exam season is well and truly upon us and for many students, this means stress. Whether gazing out the window longing for summer, or cramped up by your desk in a last-minute panic, these tips will be sure to help you keep your cool so you can study hard. Make the most of resources and teachers If you have a private tutor, this is the perfect opportunity to make the most of them. Ask them anythin...

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Tutor tips: how to optimise revision time

When exams are looming, revision can seem scary.  It can be easy to panic and worry that you don’t have enough time to familiarise yourself with all the topics and prepare for the exam. So what can you do to prepare well? Structured tutoring It can be overwhelming when you consider how much you need to get through.  One of the things a tutor can assist you with is guiding you through drawing...

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How do I know if having a tutor is really helping?

One of the most important aspects of learning is being assessed.  It is important for your tutor to assess you as it helps you to find out where you are struggling.  It can also show how far you have come and where you have improved! When a tutor is referred to you, one of the first things that tutor will do is to carry out an ‘initial assessment’. This is a way of finding out more about ...

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