Making the most of tutoring

Some of my students get a lot more out of their tutoring than others and it has nothing to do with me. There are two ways to make the most of that 1 or 2 hours a week you spend with your tutor. Type 1: You can use it to catch up on the content that you had problems with when you did it in school. or Type 2: You can get a head start on the work that you will soon be doing in school. Ty...

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Picture of Easter eggs in a basket

Easter Revision – why it is so crucial

With Easter holidays here and many student facing assessments and mock exams, Easter is a time to buckle down and revise as well as enjoying the springtime break. By starting revision earlier rather than later, you will be ahead of the game and more poised and prepared. Avoiding last minute cramming is a must!   What are the benefits of early revision? There are many benefits to start...

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Picture of person revising with pens, paper and a phone

All exams are equal, but some are more equal than others

For current year 11s, the pandemic has proved particularly trying. Last year they watched their predecessors and the results fiasco with fingers and toes crossed that all would be better by May 2021. And here we are. It is better though. Students taking GCSE English Language and English Literature might still be struggling for several reasons. Although they may have had access the Literature te...

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How a private tutor can help your child

There is ever-mounting evidence to confirm that a private tutor can help students to achieve better results and grow in confidence. Tutoring is on the rise both in private settings and schools across the UK – why? – Because it really works! If you are new to the idea of private tutoring here are just a few ways a tutor could help – Identifying areas that need addressing Often students may ...

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Picture of person holding a pen over an assessment sheet

COVID 19 – How 2021 grades will be awarded this summer

We’ve put together a helpful summary of Ofqual guidance on how this will take place. Ofqual's decision A consultation with Ofqual was taken out in Jan 2021 about how best to approach assessments this year.  If you are feeling confused, you are not alone!  Here are a few things we do now know; How will results come out? Schools have been told not to share grades or ranks with pupils or pare...

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How to cope with change

Change can throw us and there has certainly been lots of that in the past year. One minute you think you know what the plan is and where the goal posts are and, without much warning, they have suddenly moved. This can be really troubling for pupils and parents alike.   So, how can you best cope with change and do your very best to excel in a new landscape?   Gain clarity ...

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