Covid 19 – How 2021 Grades Will Be Awarded This Summer

by | Feb 19, 2021 | Education

We’ve put together a helpful summary of Ofqual guidance on how this will take place.

Ofqual’s decision

A consultation with Ofqual was taken out in Jan 2021 about how best to approach assessments this year.  If you are feeling confused, you are not alone!  Here are a few things we do now know;


How will results come out?

Schools have been told not to share grades or ranks with pupils or parents before the results are officially released. As such, no pupil will know their grades until they are revealed on results days.


Who will decide results?

Teachers will decide results.  Schools will determine grades this summer by using a combination of mock exams, coursework and essays.

Schools minister Nick Gibb has said the government has created “the best system possible to ensure there is consistency and fairness in how teachers submit grades for their students”.

Other factors that will be considered upon Ofqual’s directives are;

  1. Previous results of the school in given subjects
  2. Results of non-exam assessments, even if it has not been fully completed
  3. Records such as classwork, classroom participation, and progress reviews
  4. AS-levels results (most relevant for A-level students who took an AS)
  5. Achievement of this year’s pupils versus previous years


What about Extenuating circumstances?

Ofqual have stated that students should be assessed on how they could have performed under ordinary circumstances – as such any disabilities, special educational needs or traumatic events will be taken into consideration to ensure a fair outcome for all.


Is it too late for a tutor to help me?

No!  A private tutor can help you navigate remote and school-based learning and assessments to ensure you are fulfilling your true potential.  If you need to pass mock exams the process is actually exactly the same so a tutor can help you with exam technique.

Also, for students in Y10 and Y12 there is also a lot of catch up to do in order to ensure you reach your full potential next year when it counts most for you!

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