Easter Revision – Why It is So Crucial

by | Apr 9, 2021 | Education

With Easter holidays here and many student facing assessments and mock exams, Easter is a time to buckle down and revise as well as enjoying the springtime break.

By starting revision earlier rather than later, you will be ahead of the game and more poised and prepared. Avoiding last minute cramming is a must!


What are the benefits of early revision?

There are many benefits to starting the revision process early but here are just a few –

  1. Identifying gaps in your knowledge early so you have time and chance to fill them
  2. Keeping you relaxed and calm as the process is not time-pressured
  3. Consolidating your subject knowledge
  4. Planning a revision timetable to ensure you allocate enough time to revise for each subject


Revision Tips

Revision is a technique and skill in itself. If you have not already done so, it is advisable to identify your preferred earning styles so you can tailor your revision to these.   A teacher or private tutor can help you with this.



Planning is so important as it means that you can break down what might seem like an overwhelming take into bite-sized chunks. This means that you will have the assurance that everything will get covered and that you can have the satisfaction of ticking things off as you go. Time can fly between Easter and exams so being intentional with how you use it is of key importance.


Organising course notes

If your course notes are in a muddle, it will make it much harder to absorb information. Read them through and make sure you identify if there are any gaps there and make sure you fill them. Read through your textbooks, revision guides and classroom work. Check any online resources you have been given. When everything is in a different place it is harder to get to grips with where things are and what to do so make sure you have everything ordered and easily accessible. Part of this process is to start making revision cards so you can condense a lot of knowledge into easily absorbable tips.

Posters are also really handy – you can mind-map and put these on your walls. Put them everywhere in your house so you can absorb information as you walk around the house.


Past papers

When it comes to exams – whether real or mock – past papers are crucial. These help to familiarize you with what exams will look like, and what sort of questions might come up. It is really helpful also to have a look any mark schemes so you get an idea of what the assessor will be looking for in each grade boundary.


Time planning

Some key do’s and don’ts here! Don’t revise for solid blocks of more than an hour. Do take regular breaks, get fresh air and come back to it. This will make the process more efficient. Give yourself time off too – at least one day a week to rest completely and give your brain a rest.


Self care

Self-care is really important during revision and exam season. Make sure you are eating well, getting enough sleep and taking time out to relax and rest. This will help you to be more proactive and productive in the times where you really do need to focus and absorb lots of information.

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