Start of Term Blues

by | Sep 20, 2021 | Education

It has been an uncertain time in education and your child may be having some anxiety about re-starting school.

There are some steps that you can take to help your child feel more at ease with the start of the school year. These steps include planning in fun things for the term ahead and talking to them about what they are nervous about.
If they feel worried about a particular subject area, a private tutor could be a good option to consider.

Here are some top tips to get the start of term off to a super start!



Talk to your child about how they are feeling. Are they excited, anxious, or nervous? You may be surprised to find concealed emotions and asking them guided questions can help you to get a better understanding of how school feels for your child and which areas might need a bit of attention. Ask them about how their peer relationships are going, how they get along with teachers and how confident they feel in certain subject areas.



Planning ahead is key. Your child might have mini tests coming up and they might need a bit of extra help with these. They may have important decisions to make about subject choices for their next stage. It’s possible that they have extra curricular events that really matter to them and you need to encourage them in helping them do their best.

Help them to plan ahead for any significant tests, decisions or school events so that they are not taken by surprise and don’t have to deal with last minute panics and indecisions!


Get help

Your child may feel very settled and confident which is great. If that is the case, keep actively encouraging them in that and check in with how they are feeling about school and studies on a regular basis. If, however they need a little extra help you might wish to consider engaging with a private tutor either for general academic support or in certain subject areas that they night be struggling with. This allows them to have a space on a weekly basis where they can bring along school work that they don’t understand and be able to work things through a their own pace with the help of a subject expert. Tuition sessions can also be tailored to specific learning styles, which can help students to engage better with a subject and recall the information needed for exams more effectively.

Private tutoring can also help with confidence boosting and general academic achievement by addressing issues such as organisation, homework planning and setting out achievable academic goals to work towards. At Bristol Tutors we facilitate effective tutoring to help your child fulfil their potential. You can get in touch anytime to ask about how a tutor might be helpful for your child.

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